Viscose Stripe

Composition: 33% Viscose, 62% Polyester, 5% Elastane
Weight: 260 gr./m2
Width: 140 cm
Performance: 2,7 m.b./kg
Packaging: Beam/Roll


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Viscose Ribbed is a ribbed knitwear with ribbing type viscose. It is characterized by flexibility and smoothness. Thanks to the viscose in the composition, the knitted surface becomes very smooth, with a slight sheen. It looks elegant in dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts and accessories. This material is a combination of comfort, high quality and perfect use and matching of yarn in a knitted weave.

- Viscose knitwear
- It has the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certificate.
- Application: everyday, elegant clothing.
- Double jersey knit

– Prać z zachowaniem ostrożności. Delikatne pranie i płukanie do 30 °C
przy prędkości 600 obr/min.
– Suszyć w pozycji poziomej.
– Prasowanie w temperaturze do 150°C. Prasowanie parowe może
spowodować nieodwracalne uszkodzenie materiału.
– Nie wybielać.
– Można prać chemicznie.
– Nie suszyć bębnowo.

Instructions for use:

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Available colours

01-02, 03-01, 04-60, 09-51, 12-01, 18-58, 26-57, 40-02, 50-04