About us


Our mission is to organize a space where you can establish friendly, lasting business relationships, so that everyone can design with ease and pleasure, being sure that they use high-quality, safe textiles.


Continuous development in terms of quality, innovation and variety of products offered for sale, as well as constant care for friendly, partner-like contact with customers.


We have been operating in the knitting industry continuously since 1997. We are in 2 different countries - Turkey and Poland. We offer a wide range of knitted fabrics, focusing on high quality products in a modern style and at a reasonable price. MEDAS is distinguished by high professionalism from the moment of creating the product to delivering it to the client. MEDAS is a company that constantly develops based on the principles of work, such as: focusing on customer needs, high service culture combined with a management style open to modification. In dealing with the client, we prefer an individual approach. Therefore, in our work, we treat the benefit and trust of the client as a priority. We are fully aware that the most valuable thing is time. Now that the world is changing rapidly, MEDAS is successfully keeping up with these changes by investing in innovation and technology. The main goal of our activity is the willingness to contribute to increasing the profits of our clients and, consequently, to increase the pace of their work. Because it is the clients that are of the highest value to us. Both the wide range of our products, each of which is available in over 70 colors, as well as experienced staff and a fast logistics network with a distinguishing approach to the customer, are the points of the path we have chosen, which we continue to successfully continue.